Digital Asset Management for Smart Businesses

Wizdam is a Cloud & Mobile native DAM powered by Google AI

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Newborn and full-featured

Photos everywhere

At the heart of your processes

Relevant search

Instantly share and auto-tag photos & videos everywhere, anytime, any device.

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A smart home for your company’s photos

  • Extract business value from your trove of archived photos

  • Find relevant photos thanks to automatic tagging

  • Automatically organize by domains and albums

A photo hub for 100% of your staff & partners 

Every smartphone user at work becomes a hub user and contributor, while Marketing and Communications still find the canonical DAM features they need.

Enable easy collaboration between field operations and remote experts. Share content and data with business applications

Cloud native

Get to a new level of relevance thanks to auto-tagging and crowd tagging

Secure all photos & videos with native cloud storage

Join our selected Early-adopters

Wizdam native mobile app enables digitalization of business use cases, with photos/videos at the center of the process. 

Wizdam is designed for the way people take photos and videos today.